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New to the writing genre?
Confused what to write, how to write, what to use, what not to use?
Well, we are here for your rescue!

The Cognitive Quotient has ironed your way through literary writing in the following steps:

  1. Once you opt for ‘Personal Guide’ services, your dream project becomes our dream to achieve.

  2. Once approved and enrolled, you will receive a confirmation message with the necessary details.

  3. After approval, we will appoint your own personal guide!

  4. The personal guide’s sole motive is to assist you and help you throughout your project, without any fail.

  5. Your guide will only be your guide, so there shall be no discrepancies or disruptions expected.

  6. You will brief your guide about your project; be it writing a book, poetry anthology, dissertations, manuscripts, assignments, etc.

  7. Once apprised, the guide starts providing you guidelines to start your writing process. Your guide will be there to help you with the outline, literary structure, research materials, dos and don’ts, and what not!

  8. The guide will keep helping you until you finish the project. Once satisfied, the guide will wrap things up and bam! Your project is ready!

Our Catagories

Brief overview

As you know, writing is a tiresome process which might discourage some of us. But your guide won’t let you do that. The guide will keep tabs on your progress and let you know the basic framework of how to proceed, answer your queries, and help you throughout the project.

₹ 1500

Detailed overview

Your personal guide will make a personalized timetable,  will oversee the process, and guide any sort of doubt that might come your way. You will be provided a number of detailed feedbacks which will polish your work at every stage!

₹ 3500

Complete overview

Along with the services mentioned in the other sections, your personal guide will take the headache of incorporating all the major and minor edits and hand you out an organized, shiny, error-free paper!

₹ 5000

Lets get started!

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About Us

Hello readers!
The Cognitive Quotient, are a collaborative family of litterateurs, poets, storytellers and budding authors. In this world of compulsions and norms, we strive to build a community where ‘literariness’ is our colour and ‘freedom of speech’ is our right. Peep in and have the pleasure to plunge into the depths of consciousness and art, colour the world in your own perceptual mysticism, and join a community of creative and passionate followers! We feel, we write, we publish! This is a small step of our own to make this world a better and colorful place to live in through our artistry. 

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