Poetry soothes one’s senses as it captures the repressed and the inexpressible. Sometimes, it paves one’s way toward self-healing, in other times it enraptures the sweet, sensual cravings that the brain ‘shushes’ but the heart ‘tells’. This section is for those who have their poetic glasses on and can account for the world as they see. Mix your perceptions in our own berry world and we’ll create a masterpiece!




Our nativity speaks! We express the air we have breathed in, the water we swam in, the lights that seeped in and the mud we fell in. The swirl of childhood experiences through the change of lives shapes the individual within. Come let’s explore the innateness of a community, the regionalism of a state and the variety it brings to our society. Got carried away to your own memories? Well, that’s magic!




Are you an avid book reader? So glad we met you! Come, explore the readings of others and share your perception as well. Let’s create a library of life and stack our favorite books together!




The creased bed sheets, the rhythmic beatings of the heart, the inappropriately-placed hickeys, the weird fantasies, the uncalled cravings, unrestricted wanderings and the madness of life, ah! Such emotions hide behind the plastered surface of morality and repressed souls. Let yourself free! Spit out the controversial and express the unexpressed, because, life is not all about kissing under the mistletoe, sometimes it’s about going against the norms!




Bound by societal norms and restrictions, the phrase “Man is a social animal”, seems like a curse! Society leaves no gender unturned. While women are caged for their appeal to sensuality, homosexuals are hunted for being ‘unnatural’, men get raped too and society feeds on the flesh of its subjects. But not anymore! This section allows us to raise our voices and save our individuality for once!




From grandma stories to fairy tales, our worlds have been doodled with the stars we gaze at night to the accident that you witnessed recently. These experiences create a unique threshold of imagination strings that reconnects our past to the present to the future. Sometimes we travel to the lands we have never been to! This section takes you to the world of fantasy that ruptures and blooms reality at the same time.




Sometimes the heart craves for sweet meanderings captured in the pure essence of emotions. People leave imprints that rarely fade and often drip to console a sulking heart. This section takes you through the path filled with thorns and roses of experiences. Walk with us, and let’s heal our pains together!




Several questions stack our mortal minds: What is our life purpose?  What should we become? What can we follow and what should be our philosophy in life? Help yourself to un-crease such moments of ambiguousness by following the light of guidance. What’s better than knowing the individual that has accomplished the best? Well, this section is full of pearls of wisdom that you should collect and cater to. Dig in!

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Hello readers!
The Cognitive Quotient, are a collaborative family of litterateurs, poets, storytellers and budding authors. In this world of compulsions and norms, we strive to build a community where ‘literariness’ is our colour and ‘freedom of speech’ is our right. Peep in and have the pleasure to plunge into the depths of consciousness and art, colour the world in your own perceptual mysticism, and join a community of creative and passionate followers! We feel, we write, we publish! This is a small step of our own to make this world a better and colorful place to live in through our artistry. 

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