Editing Services

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Submit your paper for general proofreading and rectifying grammatical and word usage errors.

₹ 25/ page

Detailed editing

Submit your paper for thorough editing, identifying, and rectifying major issues in your paper.

₹ 30/ page

In-depth feedback

Submit your paper and we will provide you detailed feedback on various writing and readability issues. 

₹ 180/ submission

About Us

Hello readers!
The Cognitive Quotient, are a collaborative family of litterateurs, poets, storytellers and budding authors. In this world of compulsions and norms, we strive to build a community where ‘literariness’ is our colour and ‘freedom of speech’ is our right. Peep in and have the pleasure to plunge into the depths of consciousness and art, colour the world in your own perceptual mysticism, and join a community of creative and passionate followers! We feel, we write, we publish! This is a small step of our own to make this world a better and colorful place to live in through our artistry. 

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