Articles Guidelines

We are seeking articles about:

  • Gender: The ongoing struggles and issues faced by the ‘second-sex’ and the LGBTQ community along with the societal compulsions and restrictions.

  • Poetry

  • Short Stories

  • Quotes and Anecdotes

  • Regional

  • Interviews

  • Un-talked and Un-expressed: This is our special section which is totally dedicated to the issues that is not so ‘openly talked about or explicitly expressed’.

  • Reviews:

  1. Book reviews: The author can review a newly-published book or give a critical analysis by focusing on a particular aspect of any book of their choice.

  2. Movie reviews: The author can review and comment upon a recently released movie or pick up any movie of their choice and focus on a particular stance (e.g. The wave of feminism reflected in a particular movie)


The suggested submission length is from 50 to 2500 words. Along with ideas and opinions, we also ask contributors to share stories and experiences. Contributors can also submit photos and clips. Just let your imagination flow!

  • Submitting an Article: We promise to read your article, but we may respectfully decline it and not publish it, or save it and publish it in a future issue. We also reserve the right to edit, shorten, or revise your article. Most of the time, the selected contributors shall be contacted ahead of time, for comments, corrections, etc

  • Specifications: Through this magazine, we aim to present a diversity of views on community, including controversial or critical views, in a respectful and cooperative manner.

  • Publication Rights: Once your article appears in The CQ Magazine, we own first publishing rights. This means The CQ Magazine published your article for the first time. You retain all other rights to it. If you’d like to use it elsewhere, you can, and we would appreciate the acknowledgment saying “This article first appeared in The CQ Magazine (date).”  

  • Photos: If we publish your article, we want it to accompany with compelling images that illustrate your subject, but kindly avoid using copyrighted images. We also appreciate an author photo to accompany your short author bio.  

  • Article Content: The primary focus of the magazine is ‘Literature-Society-Culture’. So we are interested in articles focused on societal issues, dilemma, culture and whether it helps or hinders in the development of the society. We encourage our writers to touch upon the sensitive spot, and speak where it hurts the most

  • Article Format: Please email your article as an attachment in “.doc” format. There must be single-spaced within paragraphs and sentences, formatted in Times New Roman with 12 font size. Instead of just stating the fact, please help the reader to feel as if he/she is meeting these people on the page. We would particularly like to hear how you personally may have been affected by your experiences and how your story will help others in coping their trauma and life situations.

  • Author Bio: Please include two to three lines of autobiographical info along with your submission(s).


        Thanks for contributing!

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