Inner Voice

" I am you, save me "
lay those words, in bold
in the book beside the bed
every morning without fail.

Doesn't matter, which day
Doesn't matter, which pen
Doesn't matter, which book
Without fail, those words lay.

Everything seemed normal
at least w.r.t today's standards.
Of the society, of the men
of the human, of the liberal.

I just did what I wanted,
what I got addicted to.
Nobody stopped me then
Now nobody can stop me.

Day in and day out
I kept doing it, without fail
vicious cycle it was,
sans brakes sans halt.

The act kept occurring
The cycle running as it is.
for I can do nothing now.
Everything should be as it is

About the author


Yerram Varun

He is a STEM undergrad and a passionate learner. When he is not playing with electricity, you can find him playing with words. He loves dark and meaningful poems with a touch of humor.


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