I’m possibility

"What makes it valuable?" a question came.
"The fact that it is not going to last?" a hesitant response echoed.
"If it lasts?"
"The meaning will lose ... because the lust for meaning arises from transiency."
"How do you know?"
"It's not because I know it. It's just because for a fact that change is just necessary."
"What if we can change it."
"What do you mean? Change the attitude of nature?"
"Then who or what decides the nature of nature"
"The saddest thing I know is, even nature itself cannot help it. It is itself helpless."

About the author


Andrew Joseph P. Weber

He is currently a Faculty Researcher in TUPV. He loves writing what he observes in the world, inside and out. To name a few, he is a reductionist, materialist, physicalist, both vitalist and mechanist, hard-determinist and Bayesian epistemologist by way of life.


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