The Breast Conundrum

Tina Jose

Who needs breasts anyway?
I should chop them off
Get rid of them
Throw them in the bin
Away from prying eyes.
For they're tired from
the sneaky glances
That men dart at them
from the university camp
to the local store.
And what purpose do they serve anyway
to the single woman?
Are they really necessary at all?
When you can get children milk elsewhere too?
Chop them off I say.
Look at how easy men . . .

From Me to You

Bidisha Chowdhury

Don’t forget to dream
when dark days and hard-times
loom large before you
and you feel your soul has
fallen asleep.
Look beyond-
the veil of hazy thoughts,
for I see you dressed in colours of hope yet.
Bit by bit,
your layers are peeling away
and you are transforming from sensation to sensation.
It is almost accomplished.
Until then-
let the little things in life,
bring you joy. . . .

A Journey in Isolation

Bidisha Chowdhury


I am a poet of the daily chores
delicately balanced on the beams of
is and what was.
Etching jagged patterns on paper,
composing music for the soul.
In the distance I hear, the sound
of a beautiful scarlet awakening.
And a rose blooms in the garden.
I write when the world sleeps
and sleep nervously when the world awakes.
And tomorrow if I should pass on-
these my . . .

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