Tribute to Raja Ravi Varma

The lady with a swan
the lady with fruits
and lo and behold
even a bishop amongst them!
I admired them all
as I stared at his paintings.
what a wonderful painter
and that too a raja.
I wondered what had coursed through his mind
as he had painted away
these women and deities
in a place and time
where it was unheard of
to paint away for a kingly figure
instead of looking after his daily affairs.
Brush strokes
Bold colours
Daring glances
stared back at me
in reply to my queries
and I knew
I had witnessed
a mastermind.

About the author


Tina Jose

She currently works as an Assistant Professor at St. Stephen�s College, Kottayam (Keralar, India). She is also pursuing her doctoral degree at the School of Letters, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam. When not busy teaching or researching, she likes to spend her time pursuing her triple passions: photography, writing and travelling. She has two books to her credit: an anthology entitled Docile No More and a travelogue entitled Wandering Woman.


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