It's not ok

It's not ok
When I wait for you and you don't show up

It's not ok
When I dress-up and you don't acknowledge

It's not ok
When the simplest idea of having a cup of tea together shapes my day
while you casually oversleep

It's not ok
When you leave, only to be not seen for days or weeks

It's not ok
When you abruptly end my call due to morbid fear of discovery

It's not ok
When you are oblivion to my emotions, and feelings

It's not ok
When you treat me with snatched and edgy meetings and infrequent bouts of fabulous sex

It's not ok
When you silence me with your combative allegations

It's not ok
When you rip my heart and diligently stomp on my soul

It's not ok!

About the author


Ankita Khanna

Associate Professor, SLM, P P Savani University, Gujarat


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