Don't Quit.. Do It!

When you've fallen,
Doesn't mean you can't get up!
When you've failed,
Doesn't mean you can't succeed!
When you've cried,
Doesn't mean you can't laugh!
It all is in the play,
Of will and way,
For Rome wasn't built in a day.
A little sweat and blood,
Can give life to mud,
When you banish merry,
To work for thee.
So dry your tears,
Clear your sight,
Catch every opportunity
With all your might
Because you only live once,
And cost of life isn't free!
Believe it's not the end
Until "you" want it to be

About the author


Kashish Anand

A pretty feisty writer living in her own tomboy-ish world. She believes in breaking down, standing up again, and making a grand comeback!


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