At Midnight

At midnight
My city screams
Just when the longer hand of the town clock
Reaches beneath the bird nest
And the thwarted one beckons to the typhoon shelter

At midnight the dogs sniff around my city
Looking for the excoriation
That keeps spreading fetor
Throughout busy days
Through the crowd of devoted people

Scared of this sacred scream at midnight
The young dude hitches his guitar strings
The wife tears off husband’s
Shrunk shirt
The nerd girl touches the more intimate part than her favourite book

At midnight
The drunk father kicks his
Five year old’s belly and
He screams with the city...

About the author


Aratrika Basu

She is a student of philosophy in Jadavapur University. Poetry is her passion. With words, she stores the tiniest feelings of everyday life, making each piece of her poetry a reflection of her life. Apart from pens, she's fond of brushes as she loves to paint.


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