Wharf of Glass

Wharf of Glass

Puja Chakraborty

…The lady prompted, “take me to that city dada,
let me see the glass,
there you can see what lies within,
because the glass doesn’t pretend to care.”



Santanu Das

…She gave birth on the road, her blood with the sun
above, unable to look up, almost the end.
A baby girl in the open. A baby girl in lockdown.

Amphan Et Cetera

Amphan Et Cetera

Apabrita Mitra Sarkar

…I want to stand naked and let her stretch and tear through
Like she does with so many more.
Up here, I chisel word for word the storm

Looking around through the Scheherazade-Lens

Once an inquisitive reader asked me, ‘Could you please tell me where do fiction-writers get so many stories from?’
‘Why not?’, I beamed with confidenc. . .


Majid is four and a half year old. At this age he is a devoted fan of his father’s talent. Today his fascination has touched the sky for his father Ku. . .

The Breast Conundrum

Who needs breasts anyway?
I should chop them off
Get rid of them
Throw them in the bin
Away from prying eyes.
For they're tired from
the sneaky glanc. . .

Painting a Portrait of the Female Artist: In Conversation with Renuka Sondhi Gulati

Renuka Sondhi Gulati is one of the most respected artists in India today. Her artwork was recently selected amongst top 6 artists in the New York Art . . .

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